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J.C. Villamere

Senior Multimedia Specialist

Hi from JC

Drawing from over 20 years of industry experience, I have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional work. My expertise lies in web design, content creation, and social media management.

I have worked with prestigious clients, including ET Canada, the Toronto Star, Canadian Living, and many more. I am committed to consistently producing high-quality results and continually pushing the boundaries of my craft.

My Expertise


ET Canada

Collaborated for 8+ years, creating over 200 exciting entertainment articles.

  • Crafted engaging stories and pitched creative ideas that landed effective features
  • Conducted research using Billboard charts, archives, and biographies
  • Wrote and edited high-quality articles that met ET Canada's high standards
  • Designed eye-catching WordPress galleries and articles
  • Optimized content for better search visibility
  • Curated images while respecting copyrights
  • Managed social media for increased engagement
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Giant Tiger beat the discount chain odds and became your go-to stop on the way to the cottage.

  • Conducted in-depth business research
  • Researched the history of Canadian department stores
  • Interviewed sources
  • Provided original photos and sourced vintage images
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Terry Fallis

Two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Award, 2011 winner of Canada Reads

"Villamere knows her way around a story. Her brilliant writing is fast and funny one moment, sad and serious the next, but always rooted in the familiar, often hilarious, truth of self-discovery. Start, and you won’t stop.”

Dave Bidini

2011 Canada Reads finalist, National Post columnist, founding member of Rheostatics

“Villamere's writing is a literary spritz of the funny, sad and conflicted, with a frankness to give it the bite of hard candy, not forgetting its gooey heart.”

Michael Winter

Winner of the 2008 Writers’ Trust Award, shortlisted for the 2007 Giller Prize

“Frisky, light-spirited, uninhibited – dare I say teasing? Villamere extols the virtues of a spirited life; the energetic frolic through career and love that takes courage and smarts and a rich fever in the blood.”

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